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Restoring Balance
ConstructPRO UK LLP

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Face Off.

If you are in dispute over what you feel is the correct or at the very least an acceptable amount for the work that has been carried out as part of a contract or another contract issue, you need to consider your next step very carefully.

Whilst the formal legal route (known as Litigation) may be the most widely known, it is more often than not the best approach. You should consider ADR before Litigation as it is more effective, cheaper and faster.

Why? Well resolving disputes in the construction industry can be difficult unless you have first-hand knowledge of both the unique contractual and operational processes that contractors face.

We can help you resolve the dispute. We have extensive experience in the various forms of ADR. We focus on getting the best result for you and not on fees.

Our team of experienced professionals know the right questions to ask to obtain irrefutable evidence, the right strategy to take to prevent stalling techniques and where possible the right amount of force to maintain relationships whilst ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

That is why we have helped our clients to resolve disputes quickly, efficiently and most importantly professionally so that they can continue to grow their businesses with a positive cash flow.

The secret to a successful resolution of any dispute is speed. So if you find yourself in the position where you have even the slightest inclination that a contract may fall into dispute, call us now. You may just save yourself a lot of time and money.

For more information or an informal no obligation chat please get in touch today. Alternatively click here to request a call back.

ADR Routes ConstructPRO offer. Click the links below or on the left to learn more about our service and our track record:

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